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the Fruit Flies Picnic
Interactive CD ROM

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The award-winning children's book- The Fruit Flies Picnic- is now a fun interactive learning tool! We've added many new features including 100 pop-up windows with fun fruit facts and history. Learn about 48 fruits, 16 fruit-veggies, and introduce 25 vegetables. Can be used individually or as a whole classroom activity. Makes learning about fruits and veggies fun! 

What's new for you
  • Clickable graphics on 32 pages
  • Find answers to 130 discussion questions  (sample questions include: Name five fruits from the rainforest? Name three types of berries?)
  • Audio narration by the author
  • Animated characters
  • Printable nutrition facts
Let the fruit flies' be your kids helper in this interactive CD ROM.
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Information for Smart Picks games, books, and materials is based on the 2011 USDA Choose MyPlate Guidelines, 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, The China Study and current research on diet and lifestyle.   Our games and books explore plant- based foods.
Comprehension and
Follow-Up Questions
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Windows and MAC compatible.

Interactive CD ROM
Ages 5-12
Windows and Mac
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