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the Fruit Flies Picnic
Book & Audio CD

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Join five sweet fruit flies for an action packed picnic. Read along with the author as each fruit fly brings a different color fruit to the picnic and describes why the fruit is good for them.

By the end of the story the reader will be able to identify at least 30 fruits.  Be sure to check out the Fruit Fly Beanie Buddies.
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Bonus Features:
  • Audio CD filled with sound effects and music
  • Learn the importance of eating all kinds of fruit
  • Identify 30 fruits including six fruits of each color
Let the fruit flies' be your kids helper in this Book, Audio CD
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"Get ready to go shopping and head for the fruit aisle when they are done with this one! Once my kids read the book, they wanted to try the fruit they learned about but had not yet tried."
the Fruit Flies' Picinic
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"What is one way to get your picky eater to eat fruit?  By the help of some sweet little fruit flies, of course!  In Kathleen’s 32 page book called the Fruit Flies Picnic, each fruit fly brings a different fruit for the party and talks about why they are so important and delicious to eat.  Great and yummy read!"
PRICE: $18.95
PRICE: $18.95
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the Fruit Flies Picnic
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Information for Smart Picks games, books, and materials is based on the 2011 USDA Choose MyPlate Guidelines, 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, The China Study and current research on diet and lifestyle.   Our games and books explore plant- based foods.
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"My four year old daughter wouldn't even try a citrus fruit until I showed her The Fruit Flies Picnic.  Now she not only eats oranges but she know why they are good for her too."
~ S. Corrigan mother of three active kids ~
"What a fun way to present the benefits of fruit to children. By far the best part was that the author didn't stick to the same old fruits that kids are familiar with -- even bored -- with."
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32 PAGES - Hardcover with audio CD
Ages 3-12.
ISBN: 978-0-9764785-0-8

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