At Smart Picks our games are designed to include the entire classroom or the whole family in learning about healthy, whole, plant-based foods.
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Food Pyramid BINGO
Fruit & Veggie Color BINGO
Four-Time Award Winner!
Seven-Time Award Winner!
Six-Time Award Winner!
(Book & Audio CD)
(Book & Audio CD)
Six-Time Award Winner!
Two-Time Award Winner!
Five-Time Award Winner!
A variety of food choices that improve the quality of your diet.
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"Outstanding Creator and Retailer of Children's Products
Stevie® Gold Award for Best New Product of the Year .
Motivational Magnets
PRICE: $5.00 (pack of six)
Fuel kids' passion for produce!
The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit
Discover a rainbow of purple, yellow, red and green in a forest of the most mouth-watering fruits you've ever seen
Molly the Monkey Finds
A Pineapple
Bursting with colorful characters and delightful dialogue
The Fruit Flies' Picnic
Fruit Fly Beanie Buddies
PRICE: $5.00 each
Join five sweet fruit flies for an action packed picnic
Fruit Flies' Picnic Interactive CD ROM
Makes learning about fruits and veggies fun!
Three-Time Award Winner!
PRICE: $19.95
Information for Smart Picks games, books, and materials is based on the 2016 USDA Choose MyPlate Guidelines, 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, The China Study and current research on diet and lifestyle.   Our games and books explore plant- based foods.

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